Hopefully it goes without saying that your team are good at what they do and run your operation as well as they can; maybe nothing is wrong and nothing is broken. However, you find yourself wanting them to ‘go the extra mile’… to stand apart and be seen as providing service excellence and outstanding, repeatable, recommendable customer experiences. So how do you get your team to go that extra mile and provide the extra element, which customers really appreciate, rave about and report back on TripAdvisor?

At CREW Training, we help team members identify the ways in which they can use their human interactions and communication skills to really engage with the customer and go the extra mile. Indeed, these educationally rich conversations and interactions establish commercial excellence (helping to up-sell more products and services) but also help to underpin the sustainable, ethical and supportive customer experiences that ConsComm seeks to embed across the zoo, aquarium, visitor attraction and leisure industries. Although CREW are often asked to provide customer service training, we prefer to provide customer engagement training – the difference between them being that we don’t tell team members to smile, we help identify things they can do with the customer that makes them smile. This makes their day better and, ultimately, the customer experience more interesting, engaging and memorable.

When working with organisations and their teams, we help them to identify the simple things that team members can say and do to make their customer interactions more enjoyable for both them and the customer. Many who we work with highly rate a very simple, but very effective, training technique. This is where we merely challenge every team member to prepare themselves to be able to talk about specific aspects of their attraction, site or products in interesting, enjoyable and invested ways, using personal opinions and offering bespoke advice. This is often seen by clients as one of the most successful ways to get every member of the team confident enough to engage and interact with every customer and explore product options in a comfortable and very effective way.

It is made very clear through review websites such as TripAdvisor that it is bespoke, personal advice and comment that makes one visit stand out from another. Therefore, CREW work, during our customer engagement training programmes, to identify the sustainable, conservation messaging with supporting products, whilst empowering teams to explain them with communication confidence.

If you can give your team something to say and something to do…
that will help them smile…
then they will go…
that extra mile.

Conservation and commerce together… every customer, every time!

Adam Senior
MD, CREW Training