Thank you for joining ConsComm: Conservation & Commerce Together!

As you know, ConsComm relies on association between its members and, now that you are one of them, it’s time to get involved.

Start using this platform for the dynamic exchange of information and as an opportunity for learning and professional development within the industry. Here’s how you can get started:

Look out for ConsComm ideas

Blogs, written by experienced professionals within our industry, are continually being uploaded to our ‘Insights & Ideas’ page. Take a look through those blogs already written and start learning about techniques, knowledge and skills to take back to your workplace today. Don’t forget to keep checking this page on a regular basis.

Contribute to ConsComm ideas

Do you already have some ideas that you would like to share with the ConsComm community? Fantastic! Write a blog of your own to be sent into the ConsComm team and find it appearing on the ‘Insights & Ideas’ page soon. This mutually supportive community relies on knowledge and expertise from all its members so the more you have to share, the better.

Join us at ConsComm/CREW training

ConsComm and CREW deliver regular training at a number of venues across the UK, USA and Europe. Keep an eye out here for any training days that might be relevant to you and your team that are coming up soon.

Host ConsComm/CREW training events

ConsComm relies on its members working collectively to help sustain the community. If you have a space that is suitable for hosting a training event or have an idea about one that you haven’t seen advertised already, then get in contact with Adam Senior at to talk through putting your training idea into motion and establishing a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in your region.

Finally, but most importantly, invite others to join our community. ConsComm members are what gives value to the membership of ConsComm; the more our membership grows, the more our pool of knowledge and experience grows. Spread the word about this exciting and fast-growing community.