The ConsComm Triangle is a model for creative commercial collaboration that pro-actively supports conservation action.

This is of fundamental importance, right now as pandemic consequences are meaning more strains on existing resources with more and more need for pro-active conservation in the future. At a time when Zoos, Aquaria and Gardens (ZAG’s) are struggling to keep their doors open future financial aid for their NGO partners is uncertain to say the least. At the same time, a lack of eco-tourism coupled with the pressures of increases in poaching and habitat loss (caused by losses of alternative income sources) is creating rises in human/conservation conflicts around the globe. This shift in conservation conditions both for the ZAG’s and NGO’s is all happening at a time when the commercial world is having to re-invent itself in the most creative ways possible in order to secure new markets and re-build commercial communities and opportunities.

These are unprecedented times in which we must react, and react quickly in order to secure the future for animal/habitat conservation, our ZAG’s communities and healthy, sustainable market places and income streams for all.

The ConsComm Triangle offers a model for bridging those gaps with collaboration networks and partnerships that will replace cash with creativity, donations with data research and aid with advice. In a world where it is in everyone’s interest for our cultural and educational attractions to thrive and survive, they must seek to rebuild their offers, experiences and products in more effective, efficient and entertaining ways. Equally, NGO’s may not be able to rely on previous income streams and financial aid/support in such challenging times and where they will inevitably be increases in aid demands for more global human crises ahead.

In short, the time to act is now and we can be very effective together…

Commerce is very good at re-inventing itself, its products and markets, ZAG’s are exceptional at connecting hearts and minds with the stories and NGO’s are irreplaceable at providing the front line services/support and safety nets for our future… yet we can be stronger together!

  • So what to do?
  • How to act?
  • How to move forwards together?

Some examples of creative collaboration within the triangle are…

  • The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens is an example of a Zoo harnessing the power of their volunteers to conduct hundreds and hundreds of hours of essential data processing work for partner NGO’s thereby helping to release the human resources of the NGO’s to apply their time to other urgent work in these unprecedented times.
  • CREW training is an example of a commercial partner working with ZAG’s to create Centres of Excellence for professional development. By continuing existing relationships and identifying new development needs required within NGO’s, ZAG’s and commercial communities CREW is able to offer virtual training sessions. With the important element that some ZAG’s are acting as Centres of Excellence hosting the events, helping to attract local commerce/businesses and other Zoos, Aquaria and Gardens as paying guests, whilst being able to offer their partner NGO’s access to the programmes for free.
  • The Shark Trust is an example of an NGO working to pro-actively gather amazing, inspiring footage and images from its network of thousands of divers across hundreds of dive clubs and to partner with both ZAG’s and commercial partners to creatively use this material to raise awareness, change attitudes and alter behaviour, whilst generating essential income streams for the future.

In The ConsComm Triangle we all have something we can bring to the party. So…

  • What is your current pandemic situation?
  • What are your needs?
  • What can you bring/contribute to The Triangle?

Let’s act… and let’s act now! – Widening networks, building creative partnerships, supporting conservation…

So please do get in touch with any ideas and concepts to help us all…

Make a Difference Together!

For more information on joining ConsComm, creating partnerships and enhancing your team with professional development please contact

Adam Senior, MD, ConsComm and CREW Training